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House manual  

Below are written descriptions of location and transportation options:

Note the black line on the map- this is the taxi entrance to the neighborhood from the “River Road”  (the entrance is easily identified by the Greco-Roman White arches).

Once inside, take 2 lefts and my house is at the end.

House Location and Taxis

The Interactive Google Map location works well for navigating to/from the house’s location (do bookmark this page)

I recommend using Wat Faham Temple for pickup/drop-offs. From the house, you can see it easily down the street, about 100 meters away. It is a big local landmark that everyone knows (note – unlike Western countries, normal street addresses are not used for navigation in Chiang Mai – drivers locate places relative to local landmarks.).

If you’re taxi driver seems confused how to get home, try and call Pang by LINE and hand the phone over to the taxi driver.

That said, the official address/location is:

362/43 Moobaan Usafaham

Wat Ket, A. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai 50000


Uber is readily available at Wat Faham Temple. From the house, you can see it easily about 100 meters away – it is a big local landmark that everyone knows. You can always try Uber from the house, but I’ve found the temple to be easier.


Hiring a scooter in town is easy, many tourists use them to get around town and up into the hills around Chiang Mai (e.g., Doi Suthep) and Mae Rim (near Tiger Kingdom). Its not as dauting as it sounds – Chiang Mai drivers are not in a huge rush (unlike Western Drivers 🙂 and are quite accommodating to slower-moving tourists drivers.

Just practice flowing with the rest of the fish and take it easy, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.